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Public Use Restrictions
(Regulated Use Closure)


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Fire Season Has Been Terminated
Public Use Restrictions Has Been Terminated
Updated October 13, 2017


Refer to Chart below for questions concerning Regulated Use Restrictions / Public Use Restrictions (Public Closures)
the restrictions will fall in line with our "Fire Danger" signs placed throughout the district.



What is a Public Closure or A Public Use Restrictions

Once Fire Season goes into effect, the district places restrictions on the public and the forest workers. We have two types of closures, the Regulated Use Closure (general public) and Industrial Closures (Forest Workers). Each of these closures have a different set of standards, but coincide with each other.

A Public Closure called a Regulated Use Closure is a closure that regulates the general public population (not the forest workers, they have a separate closures).

This Regulated Use Closure (Public Closure) discloses what is and is not allowed in the forested areas of the district.

We set restrictions based on temperatures, humidity's, condition of the fuels in the forests, wind, amount of rainfall received, and predicted weather patterns. By applying learned principles we calculate fire conditions such as rate of spread, length of flames, how hot a fire will burn, etc. and put a closure in place using these factors.

With Public Closures the types of activities that are regulated are: Campfires, BBQ's, Mowing of Grass, Off Road Travel, Smoking, Fireworks (Private Use), Target Shooting, and Power Equipment Use - to name a few.

A Regulated Use Closure (Public Closure) can change based on conditions, so it is advised to check often.

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Industrial Closures